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Published March 12, 2011
Jewish Congregation of Kinnelon NJ USAOct 1, 2010photos: 1GENOCIDE IN CROATIA, BY CROATIA & MUSLIMS, ON SERBS, ROMA AND JEWS!Oct 1, 2010photos: 24President Obama Prays Without Shoes On Muslim Prayer Rugs In White HouseSep 30, 2010photos: 1????????? ? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? The Mystery and Meaning of the Battle of KosovoSep 30, 2010photos: 19The illegal "Search Warrant" Bloomingdale Police Served Me With to illegally search my house for RatSep 30, 2010photos: 7Jill Starr Loves SERBIA (+)!!!Sep 30, 2010photos: 4Everything Everyone Wanted To Know About How the Roman Catholic Vatican and the Pope Broke Up FRYSep 30, 2010photos: 4St John Maximovich (+)!Sep 30, 2010photos: 4Ferret dentitionSep 30, 2010photos: 2THE REAL WAR IN AFGHANISTAN!Sep 29, 2010photos: 36I am GleNn Beck from FOX NEWS , Although I Say I am "Conservative" I am a BIG bigamous Mormon ASS!Sep 29, 2010photos: 7Randomness !Sep 29, 2010photos: 1Pope John Paul kisses the Koran, outraging many CatholicsSep 29, 2010photos: 6I directly hold, United States Barack Obama, for my miseries here in America!Sep 29, 2010photos: 6Glenn Beck Lays His Tea Party Agenda On the TableSep 28, 2010photos: 2Tea Party Choices !Sep 28, 2010photos: 2Dick Cheney's Hit List !Sep 28, 2010photos: 3United Nations Point Man For Contacting AliensSep 28, 2010photos: 1I ASSULT FORMER PRESIDENTS: BUSH, CLINTON AND OBAMA WITH MY BOOKS! WATCH OUT->INCOMING~Sep 27, 2010photos: 20President Obama's Emergency Internet Shut-Off Switch !Sep 27, 2010photos: 1EVerything President Obama wants to teach Serbia on open democracy hahahah! Don't listen Tadic!Sep 27, 2010photos: 1Print Sarah Palin, America's Political ClownSep 27, 2010photos: 1Random Thoughts on AmbienSep 26, 2010photos: 3The Store Called 'QuickChek' SandwichSep 26, 2010photos: 2Someone in Serbian Government Sent me these books of NATO War CrimesSep 25, 2010photos: 2Adderall , Ritalin vs. Energy Drinks?Sep 24, 2010photos: 2Artwork From My Serbian ONLY Dialect Language Book and History BooksSep 23, 2010photos: 9Barack Obama's medical: how does he compare to the rest of us?Sep 22, 2010photos: 1My Serbia & Montenegro Vacation CollageSep 21, 2010photos: 3All the Money I Have ( he he he)Sep 20, 2010photos: 3??? ???????? ????? ?? ?????:)) ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?Sep 18, 2010photos: 2My Scarey Photo Of Almost Being Assassinated ! Bloomingdale NJ USASep 17, 2010photos: 1Me On 9/17/201Sep 17, 2010photos: 4President Barack Obama Throws His Support Behind Lying Bloomenthal CT.Attorney General !!Sep 16, 2010photos: 1American Politicians Make Stunning Confessions As to Their Type of Political Animal!Sep 16, 2010photos: 14My Chinese Wonton Soup Lunch From My Favorite Chinese restaurant "Tsing's" Bloomingdale New JerseySep 16, 2010photos: 14Politics is a "Bitch" With Nancy Pelosi's Name On It ( he he he)!Sep 16, 2010photos: 1I Kiss the LIberty Bell in Pompton Lakes New Jersey To Show my Loyalty For Beograd SerbiaSep 16, 2010photos: 1HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY SEPTEMBER 16 2010!!Sep 16, 2010photos: 1Jlil Starr Goes Public with her News StoriesSep 16, 2010photos: 5Photos of DaddySep 15, 2010photos: 3How To Defeat Your Enemies In One Easy Photo Blog and Organize Your Life (lol)Sep 15, 2010photos: 3My Signed Letter from Former Nuremburg Prosecuter Benjamin Ferencz My Professor From NY UniversitySep 15, 2010photos: 2My Former Professor Soon Man Rhim Founder of IMDAR (Int'l Movement Against All Forms DiscriminationSep 15, 2010photos: 1Wanna play any elected officials in NJSep 15, 2010photos: 1You Rock My World Rados (+)Sep 15, 2010photos: 1Rados is the Center of My Universe (+)Sep 15, 2010photos: 3New Jersey Governor , Chris Christie, Enacts Illegal Pension Cut in State of New Jersey !Sep 15, 2010photos: 1Morales: “The coca leaf should no longer be vilified and criminalized!Sep 14, 2010photos: 8My Serbian Unity Congress Recommendation From Former SUC President, Milosh MilenkovicSep 14, 2010photos: 1The purpose of these photos is to expose America's sociological and abnormal fetish MailboxesSep 12, 2010photos: 18Sunrise at My Place 6:30am This MorningSep 12, 2010photos: 4My Life Is An Open Books and I Do Not Give a *hit !