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May 08, 2012

Catherine Scalia, was recently caught selling her buns with unequaled relish from a hotdog truck on Sunrise Highway in Long Island, NY.

Catherine Scalia, the 45 year old queen of  wieners who puts the hot in hotdogs, is making a hard case for people in the "food truck business" everywhere this week; when she was caught selling what she referred to as "sex appeal" out of the back of her hotdog truck.


She was last seen flashing her saggy sausage bags to cameras while exiting a Suffolk County Courthouse.  Charged with indecent exposure, the feminist screamed abruptly at cameras as her huge breasts flapped in the wind, seemingly fleeing from her in opposite directions; "IF A MAN CAN BE SEEN IN PUBLIC WITHOUT HIS SHIRT ON, WHY CAN'T A WOMAN?!"

YEA! FIGHT THE POWER SISTER! Obviously this is an educated woman concerned with equal rights who just happens to offer sexual favors to truckers while squirting sexy sauces all over their wieners.

This is her second arrest for combining sex and sabarretts and according to recent interviews, she plans on getting back to business as usual. "What do you want, I sold like $5 in hotdogs that day!? How was I to know dis guy was an undercover cop?!" It's true. In our rough economy where the recession seems to get worse daily, everyone is just looking for a hand...or a job...or a handjob.  After all, encasing meat is said to be the oldest industry in the world. I mean, give her a break.  Atleast she always used condiments...