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December 08, 2014

The Unofficial Guide to Being a Man Instead of a Boy



-Don’t take pictures, aspire to be the one getting pictures taken of you.

-Don’t order that last drink. If you’re thinking “Maybe I shouldn’t” then you shouldn’t.

-Tuck in your shirt. A simple but powerful statement that says “I care about how I look.”

-Know something about jazz.

-Don’t shave your chest, back, or pubes. Unless that hair seems gross to you.

-If your shirt gets untucked somehow, tuck it back in.

-Even if you don’t smoke them, know how to cut, prepare, and light a cigar.

-You will regret getting your ear pierced.

-A simple way to tuck in your shirt is to go to a bathroom stall, unbuckle your belt and pants, then lift the pants over the bottom of your shirt, then buckle back up.

-Fix at least one car in your lifetime.

-Iron your pants, rumpled pants is the number one sign of sloppiness behind having an untucked shirt.

-You don’t have to love sports, but you should know what a slam dunk is. And you should be able to mime it out in slow motion if someone asks you to.

-Wear a belt. So your shirt stays tucked in.

-Know how to make a good Manhattan.

-Know how to suck in your stomach so if one side of your shirt comes untucked you can easily tuck it back in with a simple sliding down motion, palm to your torso.

-Learn calligraphy or woodwork. Use these skills to make wedding presents.

-Take a 30 minute jog three mornings a week.

-Cut a new notch in your belt so it’s tight enough to keep your shirt tucked in when you get skinny from jogging 3 times a week.

-Own a wallet chain but never wear it, as a reminder.

-And, finally, Confidence is king: Act like you’ve been there before. Whether it’s receiving an Olympic Gold medal or a Christmas party at the Mayor’s house, keep your shirt tucked in.