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May 01, 2015


#5- The Work place:

Have you ever been hit on constantly by the really good looking guy that every woman in the office can’t stop blabbing about? If he is [Always] in your office or coming to your workstation, it doesn’t matter how adorable you may think he is. That shows a lack of focus and dedication to his work. If that’s the way he handles his work duties, it may very well be the same way he handles his relationships. If you ever get involved with him, he might lose focus and interest in like he does with his work.

#4- In Front of A Neighborhood *BODEGA:

This one is very tricky! If a handsome fellow outside of a bodega wants to pursue you… It’s ok to let him! Get His number! However, you should wait a few minutes in your car or at a distance to see how long he is standing there. If there isn’t a bus stop near and he isn’t waiting for a ride, his “Standing Time” shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. If it does… He’s Probably a Drug Dealer! Don’t Call HIM!

#3- Family Reunion:

This is self-explanatory. You both are somehow related. That’s Just nasty!!!

#2- Family Court:

That means he has some type of family issues. Whether he is the prosecution or defendant, he has family problems! Family court cases are hardly ever good! Soooooo… No matter how “SEXY” you might think he is, leave him & his crazy family [ALONE]!

#1- The $10 “Ladies Free before Midnight” Nightclubs:

You may know a few couples that have married after meeting in a nightclub. I’m totally opposed to the idea of meeting someone at any nightclub and forming a dating situation! [no matter how much it cost to get in!] Especially The $10 “Ladies Free before Midnight” Nightclubs! First of all, you know he is only there to “hook up” because of the large amount of women that will be there! In his mind he is guaranteed to *SCORE! Secondly, Men of Prestige usually hang out at Places of Prestige not a $10.00 hole in the wall!


*BODEGA-It is a slang term usually meaning the store on the corner.

*SCORE- A sexual conquest.

[Every Rule Has An Exception]