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June 22, 2008


so, i'm a little inebriated (beer and johnny walker red) and i'm stuck in the sensory deprivation chamber til about 6.30pm EST, so i thought i'd ramble on for a bit...see what comes of it.

i have many mixed feelings about my life...existence in general, if you will. first off, i feel like the possibilities are always limitless. if you have the right attitude towards people and events things will go your way. stay positive but realistic, treat others with respect (until they prove they don't deserve it) and don't complain about stupid bullshit (an example being...don't complain that the universe is out to get you because your cellphone is acting up, or your computer won't connect to the internet at an acceptable speed, or because of your crappy job...now this is not to say you can't complain about these things, they suck and are not any fun...but they are not happening because the universe or god or whatever is out to get you...too much for parenthesis?...yeah, i thought so to). but what about things like love? what about success? what about all those things we use to measure the meaning of a life lived in this contemporary world?

it's all subjective.

the talking heads of our society are always bringing forth the gospel of the day as if it is absolute truth. in my mostly-humble opinion the only absolute truth is what makes you feel good about yourself is what you should be doing. all the vices you are warned against, all the things that objectify or isolate or degrade, if you like them...go for it. there are only three things (and the list is totally open to improvment, but i only thought of three, because the more specific the rules, the more people are exluded, and i don't want to exclude anyone) that are inherently wrong. those three things are:




murder is a tricky one because in self defence it is okay, but how do you define that?

rape can be tricky because it is so often he said, she said (though CSI can prove just about anything)

and some theft can be so minor that it hardly matters (like the hungry, homeless child stealing an apple from a grocer)

but to me these are things that if made unequivicably illeagal (and the only things...or t least the first) obeying and upholding the law would be much simpler. living would become much simpler. if you felt you had been wronged you would have top prove one of these things happened to you. so if you're not dead...no murder...if you haven't been physically violated...no rape...if nothing has been taken from you forceably or through trickery...no theft. even in today's complicated society these rules don't need much alteration (in my opinion) and (also, in my opinion) anyone who tries to convince me otherwise is doing so to get away with something. now, i have been proven wrong (or, more too the point, too simplistic) on this point by my father and one of my little brothers. but i never believed they were right either, they just knew more than me about they way people could twist this system. but the simpler the rules the less chance of twisting.

does this apply to all aspects of life? not necessarily. because every person finds pleasure and fullfillment in many different ways and places. we should not put limits on the personal enjoyment that does not DIRECTLY infringe on the life, liberty and pursuit of property/happiness of others (seriously people, smoking, car horns, cell phones and other MINOR annoyances DO NOT COUNT, you have a right to make your feeling known, but not the right to stomp on someone elses personal pleasures...the world will not be a better place if people can't smoke in parks, honk their horns or talk on their cellphones in public places...seriously, not any better). and, to me, any rules/laws past the three i stated infringe on someone's pursuit of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness/property. i know that everything has a grey area and when those handing down the law allow for the grey area they set precident for that grey area to become part of the law...but it should NOT. things should be black and white unless the PROSECUTION can prove otherwise (remember, the most important part of our legal system...the only phrase that gives me hope...innocent until proven guilty). and if the prosecution can prove the grey area...it's no longer grey it has become part of the black and white...but ONLY for that instance. now i'm not so versed in legalities at this point, so if anyone more learned than i on these matters can clarify/disagree/ect. feel free, in fact, i would welcome it.

my reasoning behind this simplistic view stems from this...the more rules you give a person, the more they try to get away with. i know this is true for me personally and anyone i've ever met who was even the tiniest bit adventureous. and anyone i've known who has even a hint of individuality hates being told how and when they should do anything (aside from stuff like voting and garbage day...we still need those, mostly garbage day). so whay are things so complicated? why do we need to do so much just to prove we aren't criminals? why is no one innocent until proven guilty anymore? well, i everyone has a different answer for that but i think it all stems from fear and control. those in control fear the ones they control, so they put out as many rules as they can to keep control...and those under control are constantly filled with fear by/of their conrollers, so they act out (either out of fear itself or by creating the fear that the ones in control are attempting to quash).

either way, you end up with everything spinning out of control...paranoia, hatred, and fear begin to run the world.

now i understand that a simpler way of governing things might not be plausible. but i sure makes sense to me. also, i think it lends itself to a more understanding and flexible system, but not a system that can be permanetly warped, as i believe ours is.

ummm...so this didn't end up the way i thought it would. i was expecting to go on a rant about my simple/frusterating/satisfying life...instead i got this. i hope i gets someone going...