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May 07, 2013

Two college students get back together after accidentally sexting.


Pictured Above: Sophomores Lauren Mendoza and Corbin Powell agree that had it not been for an iPhone fuckup, they would have never gotten back together.

AUSTIN, TX-A recent argument via texting amongst broken-up college sophomores Corbin Powell and Lauren Mendoza took a surprising twist after an iPhone autocorrect mistake led to them rekindling their romance. “She was texting me some reckless shit about still being in love with me and I was just like ‘what the fuck?’ so I responded with a ‘WTF?’ but then my dumb iPhone changed it ‘DTF?’” said Powell to reporters, who then went on to mention that he hadn’t been laid in a "minute" and was really happy she responded with a “yes." “I gave the single life a shot but it wasn’t really working out so I guess I can deal with her obsessive craziness again if it means I’m going to be having consistent sex again.” At press time, sources confirmed Mendoza had told Powell “it’s okay, [she’s] still on the pill” although she actually has not refilled her prescription in nearly four months.