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May 12, 2008


Recently, I have found myself reacting inappropriately to situations. Not inappropriate in an offensive manner, more like just reacting against norm. Because I'm poor/classy, I enjoy writing checks at Walmart because I'm allowed to write it for 20 over, which gives me cold, straight cash for my lonely pocket. Well, this bit me in the ass this last time. On my precious 1-hour lunch break (on which I enjoy eating and mocking CNN, as that is what's on the tv in the break room), I head to walmart to pick up something frozen and delicious to eat. I chose Chicken Alfredo. I head to the checkout, and whip out the checkbook. The cashier feeds it into the machine, and freedom is nigh. The check slips around the curved interior of the machine, and what comes out the other side is an annihilated, scrap of paper, with the majority of the check left inside. While I felt I should have probably been pissed, because this basically meant I had to stand around and wait for the custodian to come, I instead lost it laughing (which made the lady behind me, who had taken a whole cart's worth of groceries out, and carefully arranged them all to fit on the belt just not very happy at all) (btw, I controlled the urge to then point and laugh at her). Twenty minutes later, they finally got the machine working again, so I handed them another check and in return was handed the 20. I laugh, because I definitely had the money to pay for it in cash, but it was amusing watching the tiny sliver of paper frantically sliding in and out of the machine in a desperate and vain attempt to free itself, and that the lady behind me was basically screwed, all because she was trying to hurry me by putting her groceries surrounding mine. Also, I laughed at the fact that it left me approx. 7 min for me to get back to work, heat my food for 6 min. and shovel down the sure to be magma hot pasta. It was either laugh or scream, and laughing came naturally. I took my food to work with me, and folded clothes between bites of food, aka worked as I normally do.

I had another moment this Sunday, Mother's Day. I was told I was to go with my parents to my grandmother's (which I laughed at as well, but still had to go).  Because my dad's a bum, he hadn't even gotten his own mother a present, which meant we had to stop on the way. My dad was delegated to find a card, while my mother and I went to find flowers that didn't look dead/ready to die/as if they had killed. After checking out, we get out to the car, open the card and find that my dad had just purchased a card that the inside read something like "Wish I could be there, to see your face in person....", made ironic by the fact that we were physically going to my gmas. The anger was palpable in the vehicle, with the only exception being my hysterical laughter in the backseat, echoing out as my parents head back in the store to return the card/get one that mildly applied.

Moral of the story being, I don't just point and laugh at others. Sometimes I just point, sometimes I just laugh.