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March 16, 2010


Hi there folks soz no real bitchy blog for a while but ive been saving up and working rediculously hard also.So not much is new one of my long time friends (or people who feel sorry for me and socially interact with me for some kind of comunity service)rob has left us (or will at 5.30am monday as i write this sunday night)for the army that shows you how far people really will go to get away from me and my ridiculous rambilings for his basic training and i know he will enjoy it as hes got a bad fashination with guns so just dont get naked ( i know what those few army woman are like they dont take no for an answer,its more like a squeel that you make when you think youve lost your gentelman vegetables)
Anyhoo now for the reason that you read this the bitch.This month it is about the weather,NO i hear you cry.Dont worry its not the same old twaddel youve heard of the news ,in the pub or that old lady who finds you and talks to you at the most inoppertune moment.No my problems differ yes thge cold id rediculous but thats any everyday thing and is too trivial for your fine twaddel reading selfs .No i belive every 1 should just get on with it and shut up ,I mean what did we do in the days when the media didnt give aa fuck about ever trivial things they can find........Thats rite WE shut the fuck up and got on with it .No my problem with the snow is that its making a fucking moccarry of my christmas song "Xmas Time".(SHAMLESS PLUG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXSsRotCrWk)Which if your not familuar with by now(you should be theres the link above me ................No go on look............If you havnt watched it by now your wasting my time go on leave get lost, stand in the corner,sit on the naughty step do whatever you had to do when you were naughty when you were young.If you are an attractive woman and was spanked as a child message me i can take care of that.Basically it talks about a real christmas wich includes alchohol ,family,alchohol ,lots of food ,alchohol ,at least 12 hrs of shit telly and some more alchhol to wash it all down with.But mainly about how it DOESNT SNOW AT CHRISTMAS !!!!! Now that has been shattared by the christmas of 09 (Just incase you dont know about it mabe ive tried to release all my rambilings as a book and if i have well you wont be reading it in my blog ill just remove it to make money so you have to read the book and make me money.Wait mabe i shouldnt be writting this atall,No cauhse then there would be no bool if i didnt write it .Now thats some marty mcfly shit)Anyway it snowed atlot now this brings a dilema shopuld i (A) chuck the song i am very dobtfull to do this as i know it is my strongest song (B) Ignor it all together and hope that when i finally gig i wont get heckeld or (C) Mention it slyly in the song then bitch about it all(which to be honest i have decided to do .You didnt think itd let the whole 6 or so of you that read this decide do you!)So i have decided to do what im best at which is being a misserable young bastard which i get so many loving hours a day moaning about the most anoying things in my life.

Anyway i think that this is enough of my rambilings for a month or so so i shall leave you goodbye until next time and enjoy you new year >