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December 16, 2009


On the evening before last, just after happy hour there was a knock at my door.   There was nothing on TV and I was already bored with myself so it was a welcome distraction.   Bong in hand, I answer the door and who do I find???  The local Jehovah's Witness!  Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!  The ever gracious "Gods of Things to do When You're High" were smiling upon me!  The extended pamphlet was accepted and the GAME WAS ON!!!  The conversation went like this...

Me: Hi there! Whatcha got here?

Witness: I'd like to share some good news about Jesus with you!!

Me: Hmm...I'm not really religious.

Witness: I bet you think about God more than you think.

Me: You mean like when you stub your toe and yell God Dammit, Jesus Christ!?!

Witness: Have a nice day.

Me: (talking to witness' back) Wait! Seriously, does that count?

Maybe the Witness was right.  Maybe I am religious.  There must be a God.  How else can you explain the fact that there was nothing worth bringing home from happy hour, nothing on TV, nothing to do and then BAM!  My prayers for entertainment were answered.

;O} jilly