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October 30, 2012

With many Americans recovering from Sandy's aftermath, Mitt Romney and Gordon Gekko team up to entertain the people.


With a record-shattering storm pounding the northeast, 54 million Americans are now dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The toll - in disrupted or lost communities  - was staggering.  More than 40 lives lost while 90% of New Yorkers were left in the dark. The tri-state area has never seen before a storm quite like Sandy. 

New York's subway network suffered the most damage in its 108 year history while the New York Stock Exchange closed for two consecutive days, breaking a 124 year-record since its last closing in 1888.  President Obama approved disaster declarations for New York and New Jersey, making them eligible for federal assistance.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stated these devastations were simply "incalculable" after seeing this lower east side McDonalds taken-in.  



In result of Hurricane Sandy, these past few days have shifted a new course of direction for both Presidential Candidates just before next Tuesday's elections. President Obama has rescheduled his trips to Wisconsin and Ohio, the two battleground states in order to help with immediate relief efforts to aid victims. Mitt Romney stepped up for the American people, creating a funny yet harmless, entertaining music video with his good friend Gordon Gekko.  As Governor Romney puts it:  "Sandy wiped out many of the ‘sick-ass’ homes that only existed because of the colossal failure of issuing  'no-doc’ loans”.  




As for Election Day, which is just around the corner, many Americans will recognize Mitt Romney's admirable effort to console the American people during this difficult time. Time will only tell on exactly how many Americans will recognize his wit.