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August 30, 2017

Now we know what keeps our favorite high-fliers grounded!

Here’s how some of the world’s most elite center their brilliant minds and powerful bodies!

1. Tom Hanks


“I like to sit on my wicker floor mat and for anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds close my eyes and chant ‘Ow’ over and over as my butt gets poked raw by the little straws.”

2. Jared Leto


“One of my buddies told me that after visualizing it,he won the lottery. Powerful. So now, I like to visualize the thing I want most in the world: getting hog tied by three clones of myself, all dressed as my favorite fast food mascots.”

3. Former President Jimmy Carter


“A man of God never meditates.”

4. Floyd Mayweather


“Punch, punch, breathe, punch, breathe, punch, punch,breathe, kill, punch.”

5. Current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan


“I softly cry every night into a carton of milk. Then, the next morning, I put that tear-milk into my cereal and make sure to drink all of it when I’m done munching. That way, I’ll have enough to do it again when I get home from work.”

6. Meryl Streep


“Ever since I got my first major acting role, I’ve had a recurring dream where I hold all of America hostage until the world comes to its aid. Then, because I’m so daring, the world decides I’m better off as supreme ruler. And yes, it does get sexual.”

7. Tom Brady


“I like sleeping.”

8. Paris Jackson


“There’s an old saying that says you shouldn’t just stand around twiddling your thumbs, but I’m a rebel so that’s exactly what I do.

9. Diplo


“For me, meditation is changing a tire. It’s going to the grocery store. It’s playing catch with my dad. It’s all the things I swore I was too good to do when I got famous. But I realized, my body doesn’t know it’s famous, so I gotta convince it that it’s normal, y’know?”

10. Oprah


“I don’t know if this counts as meditating, but I love seeing those before and after pictures of bald guys who get hair. It might be the only time I’m truly happy.”