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March 16, 2010


hello there and i know i know its late but better late than never .

Hope you have all had a good christmas and new year my best present was a dictaphone that ma mum got me what was yours?

Anyhoo now to the part that i rekon you read it for THE BITCHING SEGMENT

I have been putting off writing this because i have actually had a good december so had to wait till there was something worh bitching about then i got whacked in the face by it . It is a work college and hes really sound BUT he bitches alot(more than me).His new one is the fact that we (everyone) is getting crap hours thanks to the credit crunch and the fact its january(we are chefs if ye dont know).Its got that bad i know what he going to say before he fuckiing says it. I have now started having dreams on how i can shut him the fuck up. In one of them i cut his head off and shove it up his arse ! 

On another matter i am starting to prepare for my holiday which i go to the world famous DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL.If you are attending come find camp abba i shall be there BUT you must love abba and announce it to us to get on our good side.

Anyway gonna go have kinky sex bbye.