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January 03, 2011

This month we take a quick look at iggnorant old people

Hello and welcome to a new entailment of my strange life.Well not much has happened so lets get to business. This month is december the time manic running about by most of the British population as if there all ants all working in some sort of team where they know what they've got to do to get threw christmas. But what some of you might not know is i live in a little town called stenhousemuir near falkirk in central scotland ,If your into your football you might know the place better as Stenhousemuir-0 . The only claim to fame my town has is the might McCowans toffee factory.The place that makes the highland toffee,irn bru bars and properly most famous the the wham bar but has sided turned into some sort of willy wonka chocolate factory where you never see anyone go in or come out but that all has no reference here . The point is the snow ! Regular readers will be aware with the problem i have with snow as i explained in december 2009 blog but to cut a long story short ity actually ruined the song i most proud of writing xmas time. So this year i expected snow and as i write this on the 6th of december i has snowed quite a lot 6 out of the past 7 days . And what do the Scots do ,well we do the sensible thing. We Inform those who don't have to work but the majority of the working world go on like nothing has happened and i wont deny its not a little bit . I can honestly say i have never seen so much snow but then its still only about 4 foot and we just walk over it a compact it so its fine. It never turns to chaos until the english press get hold off it then everyone including most of the Scots go mental and panic buy! I hate the idea that the country can grind to a holt because of the snow , we only need to look to a tv programme to show us how fuycking stupid we are by letting the press turn into sheep dogs herding us sheep threw the idea that its all going to stop they'll be no food or water or anything. I tell you what press go ask Alex from ice road truckers what he thinks of the snow in Britain because i don't think he'd be that bothered infact it might remind him of his SUMMER back home. People say " Its because we didn't expect it" ok last year i would've given you that , I didn't even expect it last year but could you not see this happening this year were you too busy sitting in the house constantly watching tv because i do that and i still saw it coming you retarded any story will do tabloid ( and spreadsheet on this case) CUNTS ! Go do what you were trained to do and find a real story. So as the snow falls and im just informed by the misses that falkirk has basically shut down there are no busses or trains running threw central Scotland ill go and find my locall councilers to slap him silly . So have a argumentative Christmas and a drunken New Year