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Published November 04, 2012

(U.S.) - Following a tremendously popular run, beloved television series Obama & Mitt draws to its tearful finale this Tuesday. The series is based on two Presidential hopefuls who, despite their differences, discover they have far more in common than they first imagined. The final episode, entitled Goodbye, Farewell & Mormon, will air in a 20-hour finale.

The show even featured cameos from real-life celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Big Bird, a zany Ted Nugent as a nutty hillbilly and most memorably a scene-stealing Clint Eastwood as a senile caricature of himself arguing with an empty chair.

While the series was set in the world of politics, it was careful not to address any real issues such as poverty or climate change. A subplot based on abortion rights proved to be so unpopular that writers hurriedly replaced it with a plotline involving a Chinese plot to take over the world.

The finale is expected to draw well over 100 million viewers worldwide.

Viewers are sad to see the series end. Online chat rooms are brimming with recollections of the beloved series.

“It was heartwarming and just filled my house with good will and made you feel that there are still good people in the world. I’ll be sad to see it go.”

“It reflected the best of the USA and it made me proud to be an American.”

“It just made you feel good about the world in a thoughtful, positive way. It’s obviously a sentimental portrayal of two unrealistic characters and impossible to believe in any serious way. But my family and I would look forward to coming together and watching the Obama and Mitt Show. It filled our lives with hope and joy.” 

Speculation of the series finale is that Mitt will move to Alaska where he will become a put-upon Jewish doctor in a town inhabited by eccentric characters in a spinoff series titled Mitt Romney, MD.

Sources have leaked that in the final scene of the series President Barack Obama will return to the Oval Office, straighten the painting of Geronimo, and then turn out the light.

Dylan Rhymer’s live stand-up comedy special