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November 09, 2010

Some hopefully helpful information for all my friends here on FOD who are serious about writing. I know we joke and clown over here but if you think maybe you have more to offer, read this blog.


                                                                                                                Article by: Raymond J. Carrington

                Kevin Spacy not only is one of the greatest actors of our time, he also cares about break out artist and writers.  I was watching an interview with Mr. Spacy where he briefly mentioned his web site TRIGGERSTREET.COM the name comes from the fact that the street that Val Kilmer and Kevin Spacy grew up on was once part of the old Roy Rodgers Ranch and there was a Dale street and a Trigger street, so he named his website Triggerstreet.com (Documentary Channel, Kevin Spacy 2008).

            As I paraphrase Mr. Spacy, basically he said that there are so many people with ideas and scripts that they try to submit to working artist, many of them do not get any attention because everyone is afraid that they may get sued for plagiarism if they read someone else’s work.  So you end up with this giant hole in the industry where new material just goes to die. This is almost an impossible barrier to cross, as all of you writers like myself know.  The way in which Kevin Spacy set up this site is just amazing.

            First off there are no entitlements, you just can’t log in and start posting your work all over the site. This site is set up on work ethic based participation.  You must read and review five assignments before you can post one of your works. You can request weekly assignments or you can request assignments as you finish assignments. This is so great, because it absolutely removes the “pretenders” from the equation. I am currently reviewing this original screenplay about this Irish girl in a bohemian type French musical revolution which is very abstract even for me. I think there is a musical point in this screenplay that would bind the story together and perhaps make more sense, but for now I feel like I have forty-five more pages of Indi hell until I have to come up with a sensitive and understanding way to review this well thought out work, even though I really thought it was far to strange and there were described shots in there that the most experienced CGI technicians would have trouble bringing to screen. I do feel that the work has a lot, and I mean a lot, of hard, serious effort. I really don’t want to come down wrong on this one.  So you get the point on the serious, professional nature of the site.  I think most of my readers can relate to this on a personal level.

             Even though I am a full time student in my late thirties working on my Masters, I find time in my week to review a screen play.  I find it awesomely nice that such a pro like Kevin Spacy has put up this great site with magnificent free tools to help you and me to hone our passion as writers. There are also areas for comedy, short stories and all other sorts of entertainment venues.  Once again I have tried to supply the people I care about most, my readers, with accurate and beneficial information so that they too may join me in my quest for publication and accreditation.