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August 11, 2015

Are people getting bored with seeing Kim Kardashian’s naked body? We asked a bunch of guys what they think of her latest super-hot, naked Instagram selfie.


Kim Kardashian, naked and boring

Reality star Kim Kardashian has once again Instagrammed a naked selfie, this time to prove that she is really pregnant after internet rumors claimed that she must be faking her pregnancy. But unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, it seems that people are getting a little sick of her. Earlier this week, a Florida news anchor walked off the Good Day Orlando set in anger during a story about Kim Kardashian. Additionally, Perez Hilton deemed August 17th to 21st “Kardashian Kleanse” week and will not be featuring any stories about the Kardashian family on his website during that time.

Are people getting bored with Kim Kardashian’s naked body? We asked a bunch of guys what they think of her latest super-hot, naked Instagram selfie. Here’s what they had to say:

guy 17.jpg

Steve Caraccio, 26
“Ugh, we get it already, Kim. You have a naked body and a mirror. But I’m just waiting for my Kanye dick pic.”

new person 2.jpg

Charlie Odom, 50
“Oh, this is a new naked picture of Kim Kardashian? Kinda looks like all the other ones, no?”

guy 9.jpg

Bobby Servantes, 44
“I’m beginning to think she might be the hottest woman on the internet. No, seriously, her body temperature must be too high. Why else would she be nude all the time? Hey, I gotta get back to watching this paint dry here, so can you get that picture out of my face?”

new try.jpg

Gerald Funderbun, 39
“Look, I used to masturbate to her all the time. And I mean all the time. But now it’s like my wiener’s broken from overuse. I get no reaction from looking at Kim Kardashian’s naked body at all. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Diddly squat. Nil. Naught. Goose egg. Zippo. Sorry, muchacho. I mean, look at my penis that I’m holding in my hands right now. See how flaccid and droopy it is?”

guy 12.jpg

Darrick Whittlesey, 24
“Just another boring day in the office for Kim! Good to see her getting down to business, even while she’s very pregnant!”

guy 16.JPG

Leif Legleiter, 33
“Hey, remember when we were all clamoring to download her sex tape so we could see her naked? I guess the trick was on us!”

guy 10 again.jpg

John McMcgroggan, 93
“At this point, I’ve seen this Kim Kardashian gal naked more than my wife of 67 years, who I’ve had sex with literally every night since we got married. Yep, Francie and I have a great sex life. Francie looks just terrific naked! Mmm … … … sorry, what were we talking about?”

new person 8.jpg

Jose Altamare, 32
“Oh, she isn’t wearing one of those ‘naked’ dresses here? Huh. I don’t get fashion.”