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February 16, 2009


This weeks recipe is my personal favorite Mac and Cheese recipe.
Boil up some elbow Macaroni.
Drain at aldente- about 8 mins at hard boil.
once drained add to that some cheddar cheese and milk, or use the packet instructions.
If you do it the real way, add about three handfulls of cheese and 1/4 cup of milk, add more milk if its too thick.
SECRET INGREDIENT ALERT********************************************************************
Once you have this mixed together to where the cheese is completely desolved, add 1 heaping, I mean globbed tablespoon of RICOTTA cheese. mix that in and you will notice it air up and become more fluffy than before.
Pour the cheese and noodles into a cassaroll dish and heat in the oven at 425 uncovered about 10 min. or so untill the top has boiling golden brown spots. Oh don't forget to salt and pepper to taste.
I like Parmasian cheese on mine and as always its perfect with beer and or any other adult beverage
If you have any problems finding any of these ingredients  your stupid.