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December 21, 2016

A super hunk wakes up from hypersleep early on a spaceship? Um, yeah, that's been done before.

Hoops and hollers, kiddos, it seems like everybody I know is talking about this new movie Passengers starring the superhunk Chris Pratt and the superbabe Jennifer Lawrence. I like sci-fi romance as much as the next fella’, so I decided to give the trailer a watch, and get this:

It’s a movie about astronauts who wake up from hypersleep too early and then are stuck in the dang spacecraft and have to save the day. For a refresher, check out the the trailer below.

Seem familiar? That’s because it’s a total rip off of the 1997 Disney film RocketMan starring Harland Williams.

The proof:

Which leads me to my point:

I liked the movie Passengers better the first time when it was called RocketMan!

Boom! That point had some sharpness to it, eh? Ouchie.

But then I started thinking some more about RocketMan, about a guy who is stranded alone for a long period of time and has to survive solo and starts to go nuts and it got me thinking…wait, I saw this again later, and the second time I saw it, it was better.

Yep, that’s right, the 2000 movie Castaway starring Tom Hanks:

Which leads me to my point:

I liked the movie RocketMan better the second time when it was called Castaway.

I really loved the movie castaway. Tom Hanks goes freaking nuts and he talks to a coconut named Wilbson. Totally hilarious, his funniest performance since Huge.

But then it got me thinking about another point, which is that Castaway sounds a lot like that even more recent movie from 2013 starring Robert Redford when he gets lost at sea. I think it was called Lost At Sea or All Is Lost or something:

Which leads me to my point:

I liked the movie Lost At Sea (or possibly All Is Lost) not as much as the first time when it was called Castaway, but in fairness to Lost At Sea (or possibly All Is Lost) I have not seen that movie, I have only seen Castaway.

So, I guess that’s my point that I was trying to make about the sci-fi movie Passengers. And that’s why I’m rating it five out of eight stars on Fanblango.comb.