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Published July 11, 2011

"Space Aged Nut jobs" ( people waked out there g*d d*mn mind have just broke out of space jail and there on the run with the help of a pack of evil space invaders that want to blow up the milky way galaxy.)

"Stargate & Star Trek need your Help!*" ( A made for t.v movie where some of the old cast memebers from Stargate and some from Star Trek join up. You see they are living back on earth  now but  Space War 3 is braking out so they will put together a new team for there stand. So they must make a new ship for space to fight off the evil for the greater of all things.)

"Space Junkies" ( Drugs in space. A story of a junkie stoping a king pen for good in space in year 3069.)

"This is Next" ( The story of how life in space could get it's start and what it could become in the years to come.)

"Space Trucking in the year 2222" ( Jimmy Joe Johnson is a indepedent space trucker in the year 2222 ("His the Jack Burton of the spaced aged.") and he is about to drop a load off to a very bad man named Bill Goldburgh and guess what his wife and her BFF have just been kidnapped by evil evil villians what made power and super powers but Jimmy Joe and Goldburgh ain't going to lets this go down with out a fight. "it's Big Trouble in Little Chinia in space.")