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September 05, 2014

Distressed and poor (minus the trust fund), a twenty-something is in pursuit of non-confrontational music.

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Last week Jamie Torres woke up in a cold sweat from her usually peaceful slumber in a Chelsea apartment her parents are still paying for “half" of. She realized that her dream involving an iPod and countless disappointed peers connected to her inability to figure out what kind of music she should be listening to.

Torres, typically a smart woman– or girl, she hasn’t really figured out which way to describe herself yet – of conviction is particularly distressed by this particular situation.

She has tried a lot of popular bands and found that she is ridiculed for liking them. Similarly, she tried to branch out and find her own artists, but Torres was relentlessly labeled a hipster and not in a fun, coffee loving way, but a mean spirited, never-hanging-out-with-you-again way.

Recently, a friend recommended she get into Prince. Torres found out that he is an established performer with a long career and following bands like this is only in vogue in certain crowds.

Torres says that she is really just looking for music that will neither positively nor negatively affect her relationship with potential acquaintances.

Torres is currently looking for a band to follow around Brooklyn. She is wandering aimlessly in this pursuit and hopes to find one soon. For recommendations or donations to her lifestyle choice please contact here: torres2345@gmail.com.Oh no, do we hate Gmail now?