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Published: August 01, 2014
Description: A Guide For College Freshmen

1. If they don’t want to watch all three extended cut Lord of the Rings movies in a row.
Only someone lacking crucial blood flow in their brain due to a massive erection would pass this opportunity up.

2. If they seem uninterested with your Pauly Shore impersonation.
This goes the same for your Pauly Shore trivia. If they aren’t down with the Weasel they probably have something else on their mind…



3. If your Roommate fluffs his back feathers and starts his mating dance.
You better get out of there quick, he might mistake you for a competing mate… awkward!

4. If they set up the BDSM Sex Swing.
This situation can be tricky to read but you might want to just play it safe and find someone’s floor to crash on for the night.


mixed signals

5. If they start having sex.
This is an easy one. If there is any penetration going on, newsflash! Your roommates totally trying to score dude!