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August 31, 2009


“You know that the first sign of insanity in art historians is writing about Van Gogh?”
“No, I didn’t know that.”
“Well, inside the profession, it is considered as such.”
David Brembly was distracted by something in the middle distance so he didn’t say a thing.  His thesis advisor Martin Frobisher went on.
“It’s like when economists start trying to define money. Everyone knows three years out this is the guy you’re going to try to avoid at the symposiums. Karl Marx went mad on the problem.”
“But Karl Marx is hardly Vincent Van Gogh or vice versa.” Brembly blurted without really knowing what he was saying. Frobisher surveyed him for a second, not knowing what he was saying, either. Suspecting the first symptoms, he said quickly: “Well good luck to you Brembly, I see someone over there. . . Needs help with some raucous bore. . . .Cheers.”
Brembly drained his sherry and wondered what Martin could possibly have against the Dutch artist.