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September 18, 2008


What exactly would constitute something that WASN'T better than a kick in the pants?  People say "that's better than a kick in the pants" or "that's better than mud in your eye", and I think...yah.  Yah, pretty much anything would be, thanks.

Also, the threat of killing someone "in their sleep", it's supposed to be more intimidating I guess, but I think knowing that someone would kill you, ACTUALLY KILL YOU, ASLEEP OR NOT, is kind of shit-your-pants scary enough.  Isn't it redundant to add the "while you sleep" since it's even more fucked up to know someone would in fact just be able to kill you??? When you're awake??  In front of the unexpecting masses?  Someone who kills you in your sleep...that's just chicken shit, frankly.  Shame on them.  Dull and uneventful.  To amp up the shit-your-pants factor, they just need to say "I will kill you" and then stop right there.  Or perhaps laugh a little and wink at you so you're just not quite sure....