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January 11, 2009


The Haiku contest fun continues. Hope you're all checking out ClayJunky's Would You Rather contest, too!

Narado writes:

Glad to be presenting tonite after my win. It was truly an honor just to be nominated. Let's cut the Oscar crap and get to the winners!

1st: lizardladyfla

I like Cracker-Jack
Theres always a toy suprise
But they really suck

Maybe I was biased on this one because the joy of looking for the Cracker Jack surprise mixed with the subsequent disappointment of opening it(every f-ing time!) caused me to grow up too fast.

2nd: willisthemaster

I love Easter time
it is full of joyous treats
yum, human filled egg

Golden statues, Asians, Christians, and Rabbit Mythology. Need I say more?

3rd: MacSpruce

Great, small, rich or poor
We all like to get hammered
On Saturday nights

My drinking experiences involve a very diverse group of people. Nuff said!

Congratulations lizardladyfla. The tiara is yours til Tuesday.