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August 29, 2008


Last night i went out with some of my lodge brothers. We have a great lodge, pool tables, dart boards, poker tables, but they charge me too much for my drinks. I usually supply the bar with bourbon since im about the only one who drinks it, and we charge $3.00 for a drink.

So, when we plan to get together on nights we dont have a meeting, then  I stop and bring in a bottle to save some money (on a fair night, thats about a half tank of gas). Last night I brought in a half gallon of Jack. Thats enough for a decent buzz  two nights in a row. I guess it's my size but with a fifth of jack I dont feel a thing. Guess that means I am not a cheap date. So me and the brothers spent some quality time and I came home  and snuggled up to Connie, my computer. In the service they made us name our weapons,mine was named LILLITH after Adams first wife who became the first succubus, and she had the power to rip a mans heart right outta his chest. Viet Nam still worms around in my brain.

Well back to my point, after three or four more drinks, I passed the threshhold and became ripped. this is not my style given my alcholholic capacity, and thank goodness I am a happy drunk, and i guess I decided to write a blog. I know this  because when I signed in this morning there were comments on said blog. Hell, I couldnt wait to read it. I was surprised that I wrote about the Texas trip, I had this on the list for a future writing. But, I enjoyed the read. I could tell I had become a little excited when I woke up and saw this appirition because I saw i got somewhat repetative. For the rest of my life the image I saw will never leave me. I was asleep in the back ( they had removed the seat to make room for one of them to sleep while driving) and I was comfy enough. Again, I woke up to a horrible noise, the car was literally being lifted slightly of the ground so in essence we were bouncing. then that first flash of lightening and this small person looking thing was just hovering next to the car. I was startled and was yelling for the guys to wake up and when they did the next flash came and there the thing was, all dressed in silver, big silver helmet with one of those reflective face covers. Yelling like little girls was a very apprapoe statement. Next flash it was gone and so was the noise. I'm not sure how long we sit there in the dark, couldn't have been long when I looked out and saw this little dude laying next to the car. Get out I yelled, theres someone out there and he looks hurt. We scrambled out and heres this guy all dressed in a silver rideing suit with a white crash helmet with the reflective visor. we got him and his bike up and he just started yelling his side of the story. He saw the twister coming and pulled up next to us and grabbed hold. the twister went right over the top of us. thank goodness we were under that bridge or all four of us could have bit the big one. Never even asked the bike rider his name, or if we did I dont remember it. He followed us down the express way  and in a couple of exits there was a truck stop and we all stopped for coffee. I remember that was a hoot too because we all had a different but equally weird view of the happening. Well when it was time to move on biker dude stayed inside to make sure the storm was over.

Forgive me for the repitition, but I wanted to write this, which now I've done twice, this one I am cognative of. It was somewhat interesting to read something I wrote and didnt remember. Gives me a whole new perspective on things. I was also happy to see chilldude back in, I know he was because I have a message simply saying "YEA, IM DRUNK TOO".