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October 07, 2016

A tot by any other name tastes just as great!

Though deep-fried potato scraps may have started as a purely American innovation, the humble Tater Tot is now well-loved by snack hounds all over the globe. But if you ask a waiter in Mumbai for “Tater Tots,” you’re more likely to be served up a heaping helping of strange looks than a plate of hot and crispy spuds.

To help you break the “snack-age barrier” the next time you’re overseas, we put together a list of the tater tot’s global aliases. Some of them may sound a little strange, but don’t worry! As Shakespeare once said, “A tot by any other name tastes just as great!”

Chile - The Potato’s Many Babies


In remote parts of the Andes, it is said that you must eat The Potato’s Many Babies quickly before they wake up and start crying for their Mother Potato.

France - Potatoes Without The Soul


The French consider the potatoes’ cylindrical shape to be “too perfect” and lacking any of the oddities and rough edges that make life worth living.

Iraq - Hosek’s Knucles


The name is a reference to Hosek, the giant potato monster that is said to squeeze the sweets out of naughty children in the middle of the night.

Poland - Noah’s Miracle Potato Pegs


Local legend says the dish originated in biblical times, when Noah was so desperate to finish his ark before the great flood that when he ran out of nails, he began hammering small potatoes into the hull of his ship.

Finland - To Feel What It Is To Be The Giant And Feast On The Poor Village’s Meager Harvest


Did you know that the most common daydream fantasy in Finland is being a giant who is rudely awoken from his centuries long slumber?

China - The Children Were Playing Rough And Broke Mother’s Favorite Potato And Must Glue It Back Together Before She Comes Home From Market


To compliment the appearance of a Chinese cook’s tater tot, it is polite to exclaim “Oh look! My favorite potato. Just as I left it.”

Ireland - A Basket Of Little Sinners


These starch-bombs spend their lives submerged in blistering hot oil, then torn to shred by gnashing teeth, much like the eternally damned.

India - Mice-Sized Potato Barrels


When trying to describe an object, people in India commonly refer to the animal it would be appropriate sized for. For example, you might refer to “a dog-sized suitcase"or a "duck-sized cigar.”

United Kingdom - Tater Pots


A nice old woman named Mary said “pots” instead of “tots” once and no one had the heart to correct her.