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January 19, 2016

A humorous scene at a bar and grill


(Microbreweries. Popping up all over. Patron walks into a restaurant. Sits down at the bar.)

Bar Owner: (Wiping down the bar top.) Hey. Good afternoon.

Patron: Hi. (Looks at a menu.)

Owner: We now serve our own beer. Would you like to try one?

Patron: I didn’t know you had a microbrewery.

Owner: Sure do. Here it is inside this box. Its made by ants. They are making an IPA
called Thoraxensation. Would you like to try some?

Patron: Ants!?!? How? What the …?

Owner: Wait. Let me get you a sample.

(Quickly turns around. Turns back with a shot glass full of Thoraxensation.)

Here you go, sir. Enjoy. Took ‘em three weeks.

Patron: What?

Owner: To make this. (Points at the shot glass.)

Patron: (Picks up the shot glass. Looks at it with great suspicion.) Ants?

Owner: Hard workers those buggers.

Patron: (Takes a sip. Spits it out.) This tastes like crap!!!

Owner: I know. Still working out the kinks.

(Quickly turns around. Turns back with a shot glass full of something else.)

Ok. Try this. Made by bats. Its our wheat beer called Blonde Guano.

Patron: Good day, sir. (Exits.)