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Published: November 24, 2010
Description: Another infamous text by Malonedies and Scrambles

Malonedies (1:27 pm) How thick is your dick?

Scrambles (1:29 pm) 1cm… why, how thick is yours?

Malonedies (1:32 pm) Uh, definitely thicker than that… that thing would break off in someone’s butt like a no. 2 pencil at the slightest twitch of the sphincter

Scrambles (1:33 pm) Whatever its like 2.5 feet long though

Malonedies (1:34 pm) Augh, that nasty little worm needs to be put underground, where it belongs. Next time I see you I’m gonna clip it off

Scrambles (2:02 pm) Haha your like the mother in red dragon

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