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Published April 24, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published April 24, 2009
I love the movie Ghost Ship and I thought there was still a lot of potential for the franchise so I decided to move things along myself by writing the screenplay for a sequel, Ghost Ship 2: Bon Voyage. Here's a small little taste of it just to whet your appetite:INT. DOCKS. NIGHTMACK, a dock worker who likes to wear flannel, is wearing a flannel vest and is tying some knots in a rope.MACKGoddamn ropes. Wish science would find a way to make some kindof self-tying rope instead of all them "cloned sheep" andshit.Suddenly, the sudden sound of a ship's horn bellowing can suddenly be heard off in the distanceMACKWhat the flying flip was that? There aren't supposed to be anyboats docking here tonight...and I should know becauseI work here! It's my job to know!The scary shape of the GHOST SHIP can suddenly be seen floating towards him in the dark. MACK tries to run away but he looks down and realizes he accidently tied himself to the rope so he's trapped!MACKOh fiddlesticks! I should've known better to tie a knot in the dark! I betterget this knot outta here!MACK tries to untie the rope but it's too late and GHOST SHIP drives over himGHOST SHIPI'm sorry...that was knot nice of me!