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Published July 19, 2010
HELLO PEEPS, ITS TIME FOR ANOTHER GEEK TO GEEK WEEKLY DISCUSSION.Over the years there has been many sexy women who donned the black catsuit and purred her way into our hearts. JULIE NEWMAR Started the 60's Batman Series and became a household name and an instant sex symbol. She was a pleasure to talk to at last years Comic Con, more so than Batman himself (Adam West.)EARTHA KITT was a PURRRRFECT  FELINE FETAL!!!LEE MERIWETHER has been one of my favorite actress, She did an amazing job as Catwoman in the 60's Batman Movie. MICHELLE PFIFFER Made history when she donned this costume for Batman Returns, she was voted #3 in Empire's "69 Sexiest Movie Characters of All Time". [2000]AND YES I DARE PUT THIS IN A CATEGORY BECAUSE I DO HAVE TO BE HONEST....HALLE BERRY was Flippin hot in this costume. Too bad the movie sucked ass.AND NOW DISCUSS, HAVE A GREAT WEEK MY FELLOW GEEKS.