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April 02, 2009


So, you attach a bar stool to a riding lawn mower, grab a six pack and go out to cut the lawn. The next thing you know you find yourself on Interstate 75 dodging the big rigs and singing rugger songs. Your pants are at half mast when you hit the gravel and roll into the ditch.

You get a Gold Star for ingenuity and a black mark for stupidity.

In the big picture of things, combining the things you do with the things you like seems like a great idea. You can make a rotten job fun. You can make something unpleasant, pleasant.. And in terms of time management, hell you're away ahead of the game!

Things I'd like to see are:

Picture in picture on my computer monitor. I'd watch the sports while keyboarding. Now I have to tip my head to see my little flatscreen above the desk. End of day? My neck is stiff and the eyes are burning!

An elevator switch on my computer chair. I go up and down the stairs about a million times a day. (Although, excercise is a good thing!) I'd be able to pop up and down at will; thereby saving me loads of time and reducing the likelihood of hip replacement surgery.

An isolation booth in the driver's area of my vehicle. No  more listening to the kids music! Absolute control of the temperature of the vehicle. No more listening to babble on long road trips. My own personal farting zone for comfort and relief!

What would you combine? I challenge you to come up with some original ideas. No doubt, sometime in the future, these creative meanderings will become reality.