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July 30, 2009


Ok Go - Here It Goes Again is annotated!!!

 ChristianU2uber is a no longer active YouTube account. He uploaded a video 'Gay Marriage- Is It Right?' which is part one of my video. Admitting something awkward and someone downloaded it off his account, posted it onto his account, and called him a homo. It received many responses so ChristianU2uber uploaded another video 'stop calling me a homo' which is part two of my video. That video has received 1.6 Megaviews on YouTube while mine might reach 0.00001 Megaviews (100). I state that to let you know I'm not some asshole gay bashing on some 12 year old. There's been plenty of parodies on YouTube and he'll never see my video, so I'm just some small time asshole. Speaking of time, send me your timed captions and I'll annotate them Saturday!

12 ChristianU2uber FoD Annotations!