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September 18, 2010

So before this story begins I should tell you that my grandmother lives with me. She's in her 80's and can't get around to well anymore so after grandpa died I offered to let her come stay with me. The night before I was bored and alone so like most guys I jerked off. But I'm a classy guy. I don't just tug on my piece dry. I gotta have a little moister in there. I pull out my bottle of lub, do my thing and fall asleep. The next day grandma wonders into my room just to chat and it's about this time I notice I left the lub out. My grandmother sees it and says, "Is this moisterizer?" I didn't have the heart to tell her no and then watched as my grandmother applied the same lub I used to grease myself up with the night before to her face. She sets the bottle down and exclaims, "It's tingly!" turns and leaves the room. The moral of this story? If your grandmother lives with you be sure to put your lub away.