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February 19, 2010


So, one of my internet playmates has gotten himself hacked!! We're a little anxious about it because we are chums with many people, and we are such bastards and talk shit about everyone in our e-mails. LOL So...yowza. Hacking is so RUDE! The thing is, he thinks it's one person and I think it's someone else, and really this person most likely wanted to hack me (it is ALL about me after all LOL), but realized from FB that this other guy and I chat the most. Seems that the marrying man took some time out of unequatable bliss to make a short comment on my friend's wall. My friend ignored him (rightfully so, dude hasn't called/written for a year and a half). Being my territorial self, I tagged him a photo of us together so that the picture of A and me would show up right on top of his post. LOL Anyway, within a day, A gets hacked by someone who very easily has the ability to do it. I say it's the marrying man. A admits that he is probably the only one fancy enough on the computer to have done it. It wouldn't be A's ex because the profile hasn't been touched. (A pissed off ex would put up raunchy photos, delete friends, vandalize, etc), this person didn't do that. Someone has some curiosity. I say, G O O D.