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October 21, 2009


On my way to work yesterday I stopped to get butts at Wallgreens.I left early enough as usual so I didnt have to hurry.....And there she was in the line in front of me.You know her...youve seen her...youve gotten behind her....no doubt I was stuck behind her. A greasy looking woman in almost pajama atire. She had 40 items and 50 coupons and almost all were personal hygene items. 4 roll on deororents,3 hair spray,9 hair nets,2 packs of bobby pins,3 boxes of cotton balls,4 bottles of shampoo....etc...etc....etc.
The poor attendant was of coarse patheticly trying to swipe them all before she commented on them but had no luck doing so.Then of coarse after ringing them up she had to give him a lesson on how to properly pack them in the bag.(Did I mention the toothpaste and tampoons?) Then the coupon scanning started...two went through the third beeped.Of coarse she jumpped to the defence of the expired or non-applying coupon....argueing its validity. I finally got bored with the hoopla and requested my butts and took them to another counter.She looked at me as if I were rude for speaking up but fortunately for her she said nothing.....she has her rights, I have mine. I am glad I left early for wok lol.
(Did I mention the Bayer asprin and the Tylanol)