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November 28, 2007


So we just rapped our newest movie "Step Brothers" and we wanted to check in with FOD about a bunch of stuff. First off, the shoot was great. We had an insanely good cast. Kathryn Hahn is a stone cold genius and Rob Riggle, Richard Jenkins, Mary Steenbergen and Adam Scott were all so good it was unsettling. John C Reilly - aka The River Dog - is in a class of his own: fantastic actor who's also one of the funniest people you'll ever meet. Now it's on the edit room where it looks like our first cut could be four hours long (no joke). So long as there's a good hundred minutes in there we're happy.

We also want to give a belated thanks to the FOD team for shooting several videos with us on set. Green Team, Apatow announcement and like three others that haven't been posted yet were all shot in less than an hour and on our schedule cause that's how Amy and her people do it.

On a quick side point: Green Team is not making fun of the environmental movement. We wanted a benign cause that was beyond much reproach for the slow reveal that they're huge creeps and criminals. We saw some comments along the lines of "way to stick it to the enviro-nuts!!" I hate to break it to these people but it's not 1982 and the need for clean energy is the most real issue we're facing as a species. So go back to thinking we're hippy tree huggers. Please.

We also wanted to encourage comics and sketch groups to set up their home pages on FOD. Lot's of us industry jerks do look at them and it's a good way to get your name and material out there.

Coming up soon:l Landlord approaches 50 million hits. We're trying to come up with something cool for that... Any ideas for give aways or prizes or PR events?

To quote the last line of the movie Casino, "and that's that..."

-Mckay and Ferrell