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February 10, 2012

The legendary Michael McDonald turns 60 this year on Feb 12th! Here are some fun facts you may not have known about him.

1. Music cites Michael McDonald as its biggest influence.

2. Michael McDonald doesn't make love. He makes Michael McDonald.

3. The first person to hear Michael McDonald sing was Michael McDonald. The second person was the Virgin Mary. 

4. White Chocolate's nickname is Michael McDonald.


5. Only one man has ever done a perfect impersonation of Michael McDonald. That man is Jimmy Hoffa.


6. Michael McDonald's blood type is velvet.



7. Michael McDonald has never brought a woman to orgasm. He's brought them all. 


8. For a while God considered using the name Yah Mo Be There before finally settling on the less sacred Yah Way.


9. Michael McDonald gave Elvis goosebumps... last week.


10. Michael McDonald's hair turned white out of respect.


11. Michael McDonald spends every morning convincing your wife not to leave you.


12. Michael McDonald has only gone one day without singing. That day was the stock market crash of 1929.



13. Michael McDonald's breath is the ONLY ingredient in Teflon.


14. One drop of Michael McDonald's sweat could power Chicago for 10 years. It's too bad he never has.


15. Michael McDonald's favorite comedian is Robin Thicke.


16. Michael McDonald plans to sing Ave Maria someday. Buddhists refer to this event as Nirvana.


17. Michael McDonald is made up of a billion of the same one molecule: ReDy2CrOON. 


18. The Mayans predict that Michael McDonald plans to retire on Dec 21, 2012.