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March 16, 2010


Well hi there soz its been so long but i been busy.As you may have noticed i have a new song up called 'love you' check it out its on the page somewhere ( i need to get them in the same place).I also am working on a little scetch/advert type thing but that wont be up for a while as i aint that good with vbideo editors and its all pics so bear with me.

In other news those close to me will know that all i have talked about since january is download festival 2009 YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS .Which is in june nearly got all essentails so really looking forward to that and look forward to seeing you there if your going.

I also on the 10th or 9th this month(it was the sunday) i went to the scottish meat traders assosian trade show ( now theres a fucking mouthfull......of sausage ;p).For those that dont know my day job at the moment is an apprentuse butcher and work at the butchers who won the pork sausage championship in 2007 and were going to make a pie for 6music dj gorge lamb until he stopped getting in touch.So we were there to try win again got pissed lost the championship all in an ice rink in perth (WHY O WHY PERTH i have never had any reason to go there its not bad its just boring)and it was on a sunny day i coulld have been out on my bike,oh well.

Now it would be a crime not to mention the whole 'expenses' thing . Now im only going to bring up 1 part i cant find out hw much it was now but we have all paid to have a moat claened .WHO THE FUCK STILL HAS A MOAT?......I mean does he live in a bad neighbourhood? ,i dont think so somehow or mabe hes one ofe these reinacters,those strange people who fight fake battels that all end up the with the same outcome because its all been done before for real.Or mabe hes seriously concerned that terriorists dressed like old trojans with a giant wooden horse are going to try infiltrate his beloveded home?.Or mabe he rents it out for the set of robin hood ?Or mabe im just getting carried away and am twaddiling ?

So until next mounth which might include some footage from download depending if i remeber to record anything and tell me what u think of the latest tune cheers.

Junior The Great Ginger God of PiesĀ