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November 14, 2008


i got a funny or die account today.

i'm pumped.

i'd like to take this space to let the world know of my undying admiration for will ferrell and judd apatow.  you two are comedic gold!

my friend nick simons and i have a strong desire to make a movie.  we've been writing for it for about a year.  i'm sure you get this all the time but i have to say it anyways:

WILL FERRELL.  PLEASE BE IN OUR MOVIE.  PLEASE.  We will provide you anything you need (i.e. travel costs,asian hookers, gratuitous amounts of cocaine, whatever it takes) to get you to be in our film. I have the greatest idea for a character for you.  it's something like what you've done (i.e. blades of glory, talladega nights) in the past, but different in a better way.  Plus, it's more like an extended cameo like starsky and hutch then a straight up starring role so it wouldn't take more than a weekends worth of time.

Apatow, i'd like to see you produce this, without the two of you the movie is never going to be seen by anyone besides our immediate friends and family.  The same offer stands for you.

If you ever read this (which i know you're both busy as hell and this is probably not the best way of going about it, but if someone else brings it to your attention that would be great as well) drop me a line of some kind to let me know what you think and i would give you both further details.