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September 13, 2008



So the other day I had one of those days at work.  You know the kind that by the end of the day you leave the radio off on the drive home because you don't want to process a single bit of information.  Well I was pretty much zoned out on my way home and decided to swing by and get some drive thru for dinner.  There was quite a line and I was getting inpatient and hungry.  Finally I pull up, roll down the window and give my order.  There was no response from what I assumed was a pimply little punk running the drive thru window.  I gave the customary  H.E.L.L.O and still no response.  Now I could hear horns behind me and see angry faces in my mirrors.  I gave one last,  " did you get that", when I heard the confirmation that I am an idiot........."SIR,……You’re going to have to pull up to the menu and microphone so we can get your order!"  Turns out I had given my order, condescension, and dignity to a trash can placed right before the Menu/Mic. I couldn't turn around or speed off; I had to finish my drive of shame all the way to the window where I could see the punk kid and all his little hyena cackling buddies coming to the window to get a look at the idiot.  I couldn't blame em though because yeah, I was that guy.