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February 28, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest  #24

Introducing: DON WEST's album "HANDS"
14. Don was furious at being mislabelled 'those were different times contest 24'as 11 was used twice and now 24 has been used twice. Don thought if only I can get these hands around Mellowpuma's neck I'd show him
-bigjas (what are you, a lawyer?)
13. No more "hand" jobs! He uses them both!
12. You know what they say (never mind who 'they' are), small hands, small handfuls (stop bothering me--darned voices)!
11. this album brought to you by Allstate.
10. The rest of the title (“... Are For PUSSIES !!!”) is on the back.
- or -
The rest of the title (“... Me My Fleshlight®.”) is in VERY tiny type.
9. Roger Ebert gives it two thumbs up!
8. Don West? You mean THE Don West?! The guy who invented 'Double Handjob'? WOW! I'd shake your hand right now, but I know where it's been.
7. Who can forget the classic "You can sell 'em to medical schools, no questions asked"?
6. I was raised by gypsies who taught me to read palms let me see,he will live a long life but don't trust him to babysit your children
5. The first all-clapping album ever! Don "The Clapper" West claps out the hits!
4. Includes the hit song "Never grope an Iranian's daughter in his tool shed"

3. I guess that’s a clip-on.

2. The explicit version was called Fists.

1. I heard he has the Clap.