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August 27, 2008


P.S. Read from bottom to top if you want it to make sense. Still left to right.

Random White Guy

If you don't get it no worries. I'm just some

a higher plane.                                                                                                                         almost as if each new sentence tops the last. Every thought will build on the last taking the piece to    In closing I think things are looking up for my blog. The content level will only rise from here on out,

got you know who.                                                                                                                 decided to continue? I mean it'd be like using random capitalization and we've all seen how far that      be permanent. It has taken entirely too much brain power to keep it up this long, could you imagine if I    If you've gotten this far you can see I have taken this new direction thing quite literally. This will not

float my boat?                                                                                                                           thanks for the comments. I think the first two were a nice way to test out my sea legs, or was I trying to on the sap and a bit lacking in, well everything else. I am very grateful to those who read them and        I've deleted my last blog posts because I feel I need to go in a new direction. My last two were heavy

Hello Peoples,