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July 25, 2008


I just got back from the first showing at 11:20 AM- I almost wanted to stay to see it again.

It is HYSTERICALLY funny- from the start to the finish (which, BTW- do not leave when the credits start-- there's another scene).

Ferrell and Reilly are beyond belief- every time they open their mouths, laughter ensues.

Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins are great as the parents-  Jon Brion (his mom is in my pics) even does the music.

McKay has brought us a gift for the summer. I'm not sure what the critics saw because it's a 'A+' ranking right up there with '40 Year Old Virgin'.

I'm still catching my breath from laughing the whole way through-- there's a numberr of times I probably didn't get the next line as myself and the 40 others in the audinece were screaming so loud with laughter, we may have missed something.