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July 27, 2015

Automobile manufacturers have to recall their products all the time, but they really want you to forget about these recalls specifically.

1. 1993 Toyota Camry: Toyota was all but embarrassed when it equipped the 1993 Toyota Camry with two gas pedals and a handbrake that caused the car to go into a wheelie.

2. 2010 Honda Odyssey: Loaded with safety features, this model would refuse to unlock the door until the driver could prove royal lineage up to seven generations.

3. 1918 Ford Model Q: Responsible for the deep chagrin of hundreds of motorists, the 1918 Model Q would knock pedestrians’ tophats off with a retractable arm and call them tosspots.

4. 2014 Lexus IS: Though a pioneer of anti-theft technology, Lexus may have gone too far when it furnished this model with sharpened guillotine-style windows.

5. 2008 Range Rover Sport: This model succumbed to depression when it realized its suburban owner would never splash through jungles or crest desert dunes like in the commercial.

6. 2005 Chevy Aveo: Chevy recalled this cost-effective vehicle after the FDA claimed that its plastic engine was a choking hazard.

7. 1995 Audi S6: With a snap of the finger and a shake of the head, Audi realized too late that they just shipped boxes of loose car parts to the dealership without assembling them.