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July 01, 2008


What Things Are 8-Year-Olds Repeating That They Don't Understand?

--*"We've got plenty of oil right here in American to drill."

--*"Ethanol just won't solve our problems."

--*"I will end you."

--*"Iron Man had a real gritty side."

--*"It's hard to be a Christian."

--*"That's socialized medicine for you!"

--*"I think there are too many flaws in Obama's plan."

--*"I think people just blame America first."

--*"911 changed everything."

--*"Our love is bigger than that!"

--*"This pool party is off da hook."

--*"It's hard to be a father."

--*"I wish I could quit you."

--*"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

--*"Man doesn't need any animal tissue at all."

--*"A man and a woman can never really be friends. Sex always gets in the way."

--*"What is the measure of a man?"

--*"I'm surrounded by philistines!"

--*"Hillary was only in it for Hillary."

--*"A country without borders is not a country."

--*"It's a hard thing to kill a man."

--*"Evolution just doesn't make sense."

--*"This is my fight, and I'll fight it my way."

--*"She's my soul mate."

--*I'll never love again."

From Eric Rasmussen's blog: