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January 30, 2015

A study out of the University of Rhode Island concludes that boobs are hilarious.

In a study out of the University of Rhode Island, of the nearly 14,000 mainstream movies dating back to 1950 that contain at least one female breast, 62 percent were comedies. “I think there is something taboo about a boob that digs into your core and gives you a reaction,” said William Rick, 21, the head of the study and a Geology undergrad at URI. Rick continues, “sometimes even boobs in movies that are dramas make me laugh because I’ll look at my friends trying to act casual and it cracks me up… It also depends on the size and shape of the boob or boobs, and the age of the woman.” The study also showed that of the over 8,500 comedies with boobs, almost 50 percent only showed the nudity for less then two seconds. “It’s like, did I just see a boob? That wasn’t a boob. Yes it was. That’s funny, ya know?” When asked what implications the study had on the future of nudity in film, Rick states, “I think, if your movie is funny, add boobs and make it even funnier. If your movie isn’t that funny but you want it to be, add boobs, but not too many boobs. There is a boob tipping point.” In deciphering his data, Rick found that movies with excessive boobs (that is, over 41 boobs) were at a 60 percent higher risk of falling into obscurity. “In this modern age of the internet I can see boobs whenever I want. I don’t want to be bombarded with boobs, I want to be tickled.” Rick finished with saying, “and what happens when you get tickled?…. You laugh.” A statement from the University of Rhode Island states, “William Rick and his study on film nudity is in no way in conjunction with URI, its resources, staff, or campus, and should be considered a completely independent venture.”