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November 18, 2009


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   So it is a bit brisk out these days, and yes, I do know that happens in winter. It makes me start to think, would global warming really be that bad???

Hear me out, I now we have all been bombarded with the images of the polar bear who has to swim the extra distance to tear apart seals. But I ask you, what did that polar bear do for me, or society for that matter???

I have to do everything in my power to reduce my carbon footprint so Paddington over there in Antartica can stay cold??? I personally would not mind warmer winters. I can definitely handle wearing some more sun block.

Why can we just capture all the polar bears and seals and penguins and put them in one huge refrigeration unit… like a frozen seaworld??? That way we can go about our business… and self destruct at out own pace?  


   What about plastic 6 pack rings. Because some retarded duck cannot figure out not to stick his head in the ring I have to refrain from throwing  the plastic rings in the nearest bodies of water?? Fuck it!


   I would also like my cosmetics tested on cute and snugglie animals before I put it on my face. Why should I possible get a rash because mr. floppers the lab bunny rabbit does not like a little rouge???


********For all of those who know me, you know I am being completely facetious. I absolutely adore animals. I lived with a pseudo zoo my whole life and I was merely channeling the jerks I overhear everyday.