I finally went to see '12 Years A Slave', and couldn't believe how identical it was to Marvel's hit blockbuster 'The Avengers'.


1. Both movies had the guy in the back row coughing all throughout. 


2. They both smelled like spilled soda and old popcorn.2.jpg

3. Both of them started with the same montage scene encouraging me to buy stuff and go watch other movies.


4. They both had a great make-out scene featuring the teen couple in the row below.


5. Both movies left me with chocolate stains in my pants pocket from the candy I snuck in.


6. During both movies I got a really important call I just had to take.



7. The ending of both films left us discussing how awful the parking situation in the theater was.7.jpg


8. They both caused me to lose my job because my boss got mad that I snuck out to the movies during work hours.8.jpg

9. They both really reminded me of the experience I had watching 'The Lego Movie', which is also pretty much the same exact movie. Come on, Hollywood. Work harder. 9.jpg


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