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April 22, 2015

Everything is Terrible video features an insane amount of ridiculous 90s star cameos from Disney World's 1995 Earth Day special.

Every year on April 22 the world takes a brief moment to acknowledge the fact that we’re rapidly destroying our only livable planet and if we don’t do something powerful, quickly, there will be no way to reverse the damage. It’s an idea too big for most people to digest, so we need celebrities to come on our TVs and let us know that everything will be OK if we just act now.

Well, the pinnacle of that very idea appears to have happened back in 1995, when Disney World celebrated Earth Day with perhaps the most insane parade of ’90s TV stars one could ever imagine. We’re talking The Rembrandts, Zachary Ty Bryan, some of the cast of Cheers, All for One, the mom from Home Improvement, Shaq, The Rembrandts, Emilio Estevez, the rest of the cast of Cheers, and even The Rembrandts.

Hosted by Ed Begley Jr. and Dana Delaney, and cut together by the folks at Everything Is Terrible, the video’s message is just as relevant today as it was way back then: John Travolta is one creepy dude.

via Everything Is Terrible