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June 03, 2008


So many people think that Anime is this great new hip animation that will bring in huge audiences over time.

First off- Isn't that shit sack of a cartoon Pokemon basically an anime show. God that show sucked and so do Pokemon. If they were real I would easily kill the little yellow thing. What a bitch that thing was. And so unrealistic.

Adult Swim should show more Eric and Tim Awesome Show. That show is easily the scariest fucking thing on the planet. If someone wants to scare kids off of drugs all you have to do tivo that horror. Granted I love it but instead of doing drugs myself I just get my fix that way.

Side note- Didn't they used to show Futurama on Adult Swim and they got rid of it because Futurama was making a comeback. When is that comeback? and is it going to have that hot asian girl on it still? Would anyone do that cyclops chick on that show? For that matter would you fool around with anyone with one eye, maybe an eye patch thrown in? I think an eye patch would be worse because you'd be asking yourself. "I wonder what kind of hole is under that patch?" "If I lift up the patch will I see their brain?" Those questions would just suck out all the passion in the room.